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About Me

I spend most of my time drawing and taking pictures. I love character design, illustration, photography, coffee, and music. I enjoy branding and magazine design.
I also work on Teaching Materials and Games for school teachers. Web Design graphics, Social Media Creative Content and Photo Edition.
I currently work in the social media department of an online geek and gamer t-shirt company in San José CA, as a freelance creative content designer.

Photoshop, Illustrator: Photo edition, web design, vector design, free style illustration.

Magazine Design, Adobe Premiere, SAI Paint Tool, Gimp, Corel Draw, Social Pilot, Asana, Trello, Fresh Desk, TweetDeck, E-mail Templates, Chimpmail, iOs and Windows Platform

Visual Arts, Gastronomy/Enology knowledge, Sculpting, Social Media Management, Basic Video Edition, Graduate Degree in Elementary Education, Photography: Classic, Social Media Photo & Gastronomic Photography.