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John Seeley M.A.

John Seeley M.A.

About Me

I am a motivational speaker and coach for individuals and companies, allowing them to surpass their goals, and benefiting the world because of it. I offer focused, results oriented coaching, while using intuition and empathy to draw out the individuals own wisdom and strengths.

With an extensive background in business, I do customized speaking for companies and organizations emphasizing: leadership, effective communication, team building, morale boosting, maximizing effectiveness and understanding others while creating Win/Win scenarios.

Helping people to get unstuck in their thinking and then their actions is the key to my work.

My goal is to streamline the process of interaction in any organization, The results include improved morale, and job satisfaction, higher performance with lower sick days and reduced turnover, leading to a bigger bottom line

My latest venture is the Keep On Believing Project. My goal is to give free workshops to the unemployed and the underemployed.

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Interests: Animals, Arts, Cooking, Education, Fitness, Food, Movies, Music, Nature, Painting, Travel, Volunteering, Writing, Yoga

Jobs and Hobbies: Psychologist, Speaker, Teacher, Therapist, Writer