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Gerardo Ibarrola Sánchez

Gerardo Ibarrola Sánchez

About Me

Hello, my name is Gerardo. I’m a law student and I also work as a trainee in an IP law firm. I’m working on becoming an excellent attorney.

I love dogs and guitars. I like listening to all music genres. I also love reading about history, specifically about Ancient Rome and the medieval era. I like sports too, specially biking and soccer.

I describe myself as a happy and friendly person, and I think one of the things I like the most is to be constantly learning a lot about anything I can.

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Interests: Animals, Arts, Cycling, Education, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Food, Gaming, Language, Music, Nature, Reading, Sports, Tattoo, Technology, Travel

Jobs and Hobbies: Attorney, Musician, Student, Translator